About us

The flagship company of Million Group, Million Sqft is shaping up as the preferred luxury advisors in luxurious real estate properties, since 2013, driven by the vision of our founder Mr. Abhishek Kulkarni. Headquartered in Pune, we have built a strong clientele comprising of HNIs like business owners, corporates, Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities and so on, in India, Asia as well as in Europe.

In a short span, we have lived up to our guiding philosophy of 'property deals, properly', many times over. This philosophy is substantiated by our firm belief that ‘we understand luxury better than you’. In the process, we now have a strong presence in cities across India, Dubai, UK, Cyprus and Greece. With a strong global network and a perfect mix of personal & professional engagement, we are well on course to shape a million dreams over millions and millions of square feet, across leading global cities.

About Abhishek Kulkarni

“I believe that a well-managed real estate portfolio is a rarity in today’s scenario. By understanding people’s expectations from luxury, we’re committed to be the game changers in this.”

In the year 2013, Abhishek Kulkarni, a young call center employee decided to leave his job to become an entrepreneur at the age of 25. He embarked on an ambitious entrepreneurial journey by becoming a Real Estate Broker in Pune with a single member team. He gradually expanded his services to Mumbai and eventually to all the metro cities in India and incorporated Million Sqft Realty Pvt Ltd. With passion for media, Abhishek Kulkarni decided to launch a monthly men’s luxury lifestyle magazine in the year 2017. Exploring another dimension of luxury, he launched Billion-Air Aerospace to offer integrated private aviation services in India and abroad, in the year 2018.